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Billings Company Vehicle Accident Lawyer Helping You Navigate Your Claim

If you were involved in an accident involving another private passenger vehicle, you would make a claim against the other driver’s insurance. This is why you exchange insurance information at the scene of the accident - so that you know who to make a claim against. 

However, commercial vehicle accidents are, unfortunately, more complicated. If you’ve been injured in a car accident with a company vehicle, a Billings company vehicle accident lawyer can help you pursue your claim so that you can get the compensation you need. 

What Makes a Company Vehicle Accident Tricky?

Like truck accidents, much of the challenge in company vehicle accidents is that you are now dealing with a corporate entity. The company may self-insure, meaning that they will have sole authority in deciding whether they should cover your claim. The company may claim that the driver was an independent contractor and that the accident was due to their own negligence. There may be multiple corporate entities involved. A Billings company vehicle accident lawyer can help you cut through the red tape so that your claim is handled as quickly as possible. 

We Handle All Types of Company Vehicle Accidents in Montana and Wyoming 

If you’ve been injured in an accident with a company vehicle, you need an attorney who has deep experience handling these types of claims. Billings company vehicle accident lawyer Jim Ragain can help you get compensation in the following types of claims: 

  • Delivery vehicles
  • Taxi cabs
  • Moving vans
  • Landscaping vehicles
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Corporate vehicles

Common Causes of Company Vehicle Accidents

Company vehicle accidents arise from the same causes as other car accidents - speeding, driving and texting, running stop signs, and other examples of negligent driving. That said, there are some causes that are unique in company vehicle accidents: 

  • Inadequate driver training or supervision when the company fails to take reasonable steps to ensure that their employees are driving safely. 
  • Encouraging unsafe driving by employees by imposing unrealistic timetables for appointments or deliveries. 
  • Failure to ensure that company vehicles are properly maintained results in accidents caused by mechanical failures. 

These causes go directly to the company’s liability, so it is important to work with an attorney who knows how to gather the evidence you need. 

Why You Need a Billings Company Vehicle Accident Lawyer

The other driver’s employer and their insurance company will either deny liability or try to get you to accept an unreasonable settlement offer. They may also try to coerce you into making statements that they will later use against you as justification for refusing to pay you fair compensation.  

A Billings company vehicle accident attorney can not only help you navigate the claim process, but they can also handle all of the communications between you and the at-fault parties. They work as your advocate to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries, your lost income, and any pain and suffering that you have experienced. 

Speak with a Billings Company Vehicle Accident Attorney at Ragain & Clark

If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a company vehicle, we can help you rebuild your life. To schedule a free consultation with Billings company vehicle accident lawyer, contact us today at 406-651-8888 to discuss your case. 



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