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Our Fetal Death Lawyers Assist Grieving Families with Stillbirth Claims and Other Tragic Lawsuits 

The birth of a child should be a joyful time for expectant parents; however, medical circumstances can quickly devastate a family. When delivery complications or medical conditions threaten a safe and successful birth experience, parents need support, especially if the result is the infant's death. When parents experience a fetal death, they can feel alone during this time of pain. There are resources available to help during this challenging time, such as counselors, support groups, and other professionals, including an infant wrongful death attorney. An experienced Wyoming or Montana fetal death lawyer at Ragain & Clark can help you during this time. Let Ragain & Clark pursue the legal remedies and compensation your family deserves in the face of tragedy.

Looking for Risks of Stillbirth

Fetal death due to stillbirth is all too common, given our modern advances in medicine. While there are no definitive causes of stillbirth, there are risk factors and conditions that medical professionals should consider. A failure by healthcare providers to diagnose or appropriately incorporate risk factors and conditions into your pregnancy monitoring can place your family at additional risk. A failure to treat conditions during pregnancy can result in infant wrongful death

Some pre-existing conditions may put mother and child at additional risk of injury during labor and delivery. Medical professionals should monitor conditions such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity 
  • Substance abuse
  • Thyroid disorders 
  • Autoimmune disorders 

Additional reasons that contribute to stillbirth and fetal death include:

  • Infection during pregnancy, including certain common viruses that are particularly dangerous to pregnancy, urinary tract infections, and sexually transmitted infections 
  • Food poisoning 
  • Genetic conditions in the baby that cause fetal death 
  • Birth defects
  • Blood clots
  • Traumatic injury during pregnancy 
  • Placental abruption
  • Surgical errors during delivery
  • Lack of oxygen to the baby during delivery for any number of reasons, including problems with the umbilical cord

Hospitals and doctors are responsible for monitoring their patients’ conditions and being aware of their medical history and risks that could cause severe complications. Policies, procedures, and protocols are in place to protect patients, and a deviation from these standards that puts patients at risk is unacceptable. Do not let a hospital’s negligence or doctor’s failure to diagnose the conditions relevant to you and your baby’s health go without consequence. 

Your healthcare provider’s oversight of a seemingly minor medical detail could be catastrophic, and you may have a claim for the loss of your child. You should reach out to an experienced Wyoming infant wrongful death lawyer to discuss your family’s situation. The fetal death lawyers Ragain & Clark can guide you through your legal options during this difficult time.

Seeking Answers After Fetal Death

After a fetal death, additional medical testing can be conducted to look for reasons or explanations for why the death occurred. Medical testing on the infant to look for genetic reasons and infant autopsies may provide answers to your questions. Having these answers may provide some closure or relief but may also lead to other painful conversations.

It is possible these tests may point to medical negligence or malpractice by your healthcare providers. If doctors failed to diagnose conditions in either the mother or fetus and failed to provide the appropriate medical care given these conditions related to fetal death, you may have a claim for infant wrongful death or medical negligence. You may benefit from discussing your claim with a Montana fetal death lawyer. You trusted your doctors and medical team to deliver your child safely, and their negligence is unacceptable, especially when it results in death. 

Ragain & Clark supports our clients in their most heart-wrenching moments. Through thorough investigation and commitment to the truth, we seek answers for our clients. Our fetal death attorneys pursue accountability for actions that harmed our clients, letting them know they are not alone during their time of loss.

Bringing an Infant Wrongful Death Claim

Losing an infant is devastatingly painful. If your loss is caused by medical negligence, you should discuss your claim with a law firm that will demonstrate the compassion and respect this situation calls for while fighting for your family’s recovery. You do not need to face this legal battle alone.

As with any legal case, time is of the essence. Not only are there deadlines by which to bring claims and file lawsuits, but gathering evidence for your case promptly is essential. Medical staff testimony and interviews may contain critical information that, along with medical records, can prove your case.

By bringing an infant wrongful death claim against those responsible, you may recover expenses incurred and promote change for safer practices in infant medical care. These cases can be difficult to go through due to the emotional aspects of the loss; however, our experienced trial lawyers can make the legal process in an infant wrongful death claim more tolerable through their compassionate and comprehensive representation. A Wyoming or Montana fetal death lawyer at Ragain & Clark will aggressively pursue legal remedies against those who have caused your family this immense pain.

Some of the compensation your infant wrongful death lawyer may seek for you include:

  • Medical bills and costs
  • Funeral costs for your infant
  • Lost income for grieving parents
  • Pain and suffering

At such a sensitive time for your family, you need to have people on your side fighting for you in any way possible. Ragain & Clark will focus on your case and your family’s needs and hold those responsible for your loss accountable. With our extensive trial experience, we are able to negotiate settlements and resolutions in our clients’ favor or take cases through the trial process. We focus our work on our clients’ needs and fight for justice, partnering with them each step of the way.

Contact a Wyoming or Montana Infant Wrongful Death Lawyer

If you have experienced loss from an infant wrongful death, do not delay in contacting an experienced wrongful death attorney. Working with the focused and compassionate attorneys at Ragain & Clark can help you recover the compensation to which you are entitled. Contact us online to discuss your case or call us at 307-388-6400. We are here for you to serve our clients throughout Montana and Wyoming.  


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