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Our Podiatric Malpractice Attorneys are Here to Help Clients in Montana and Wyoming

The fascination with feet begins at an early age. Once those first footprints are taken at birth and toes counted, we look forward to taking our first steps, literally and figuratively. Our feet move us forward through growth and development and maintaining appropriate foot care and health is important to our well-being. This is so important to our healthcare that an entire medical practice is dedicated to foot care: podiatry. 

Just as in any other field of medicine, our healthcare providers are responsible for treating patients with an appropriate standard of care. Deviations from the professionally accepted standard put patients at risk and contribute to complications in health today and down the road. Podiatry patients suffering due to a podiatrist’s negligence deserve compensation and appropriate remedies for damages. This is where an experienced podiatry malpractice lawyer can help.

Ragain & Clark represents clients who have suffered from medical malpractice in Montana and Wyoming. With decades of experience negotiating favorable settlements and resolutions for clients, as well as aggressively taking responsible parties to trial, Ragain & Clark will fight for you. Do not hesitate to contact a podiatric malpractice lawyer to discuss your case and begin your road to recovery.

Podiatric Conditions and Treatment

There are several conditions that podiatrists treat as part of a patient’s comprehensive health care. Each condition comes with its own concerns and complications, and podiatrists are expected to rise to the level of expertise required by this specialty.

Common podiatric conditions include:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Bunions
  • Heel spurs 
  • Hammertoes
  • Fractures
  • Sprains
  • Corns
  • Blisters
  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Ingrown toenails 
  • Flat feet
  • Skin disorders
  • Tendonitis 

Podiatrists may also be consulted on other healthcare issues, such as diabetes, as foot care is an important part of healthcare management. For example, diabetic neuropathy can result in infections from sores and cuts in the legs and feet that can develop into serious conditions. Diabetic neuropathy in the feet may also result in amputation to prevent the spread of severe infection.

Podiatrists may be consulted in these scenarios to assess the severity of the condition and make recommendations on appropriate foot care. It is a podiatrist’s duty to provide professional care to their patients, incorporating their medical history and risk factors into podiatric care. 

Demonstrating That Your Podiatrist Can Be Held Liable

There are a number of ways that malpractice presents itself in podiatric medicine, including misdiagnosis of podiatric conditions, improper treatment due to negligence, unnecessary surgery, and negligently performed surgeries. When you suffer from a podiatrist’s negligence, you should seek advice from a Montana podiatry malpractice lawyer. Ragain & Clark takes our clients’ needs seriously. When it comes to holding those responsible for malpractice accountable, we do not shy away from medical malpractice insurance companies, healthcare associations, or pressure from providers. Our client's concerns are our concerns, and we will fight for their compensation every step of the way. 

Podiatrist Surgical Malpractice

Surgery is often used to treat podiatric concerns. Podiatrists have special training for both out-patient and in-patient procedures. Still, no matter how many procedures are completed, a podiatrist owes their patients a standard of care in all hospital procedures.

Surgical podiatric malpractice examples include:

  • Operating on an incorrect site, such as operating on the incorrect foot or toe. This can be especially devastating if an incorrect digit or limb is amputated.
  • Lack of informed consent prior to a surgical procedure, such as not thoroughly explaining the risks associated with a particular surgery.
  • Surgical errors that damage nerves in the foot.
  • Inadequate post-operative care, which can result in infection or impeded mobility. Malpractice in post-operative care can include not prescribing antibiotics to prevent infection, negligence in post-operative examinations that would demand additional care such as assistive devices or physical therapy, or ignoring patient complaints that are indicative of a medical problem.

Additional consequences of surgical podiatric malpractice include:

With high stakes for your health and recovery, you need a podiatry malpractice lawyer on your side. Ragain & Clark understands the severity of damage malpractice inflicts on patients and will not let a negligent podiatrist escape responsibility. 

Schedule a Consultation With a Podiatric Malpractice Lawyer in Montana or Wyoming

If you have suffered from podiatric malpractice, you should contact a podiatry malpractice lawyer to schedule a consultation for your case. You can contact Ragain & Clark by calling 307-388-6400 or completing our online form.  We have offices located in Montana and Wyoming for your convenience.  


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