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Turn to a Montana or Wyoming Partnership Dispute Lawyer for a Stress-Free Solution

Business partnerships can be part of a successful and fulfilling business venture. A substantial amount of time, thought, and strategy often goes into partnerships and careful planning can help them survive. However, businesses are dynamic, and partners should be prepared to evolve. 

Over time, business needs and relationships change. Unfortunately, some of these changes result in business partnership disputes. A Wyoming partnership dispute lawyer can help you navigate the dispute process and resolve the conflict. Ragain & Clark has decades of experience helping clients recover from their disputes and move forward. You can trust us to represent you as you navigate the next phase of your partnership.

Reasons for Partnership Disputes

You should not hesitate to contact Ragain & Clark to take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your business interests when a partnership dispute arises. There are many reasons for partnership disputes and actions that result from them. For example, partners may have differing opinions on how to respond to a challenge within the business, whether that challenge stems from differing visions for the future, disagreements over how to respond to immediate opportunities and challenges, business development opportunities, differences in management styles, difficulty executing a contract, or personal actions and responses that disrupt the partnership.

There are also times when a partner acts contrary to the partnership’s best interests. These instances create partnership disputes and can be cause for legal action. Examples of this include but are not limited to:

  • Violating terms of a partnership agreement or contract;
  • Failing to disclose a conflict of interest to other partners;
  • Failing to communicate with partners as expected;
  • Hiding information regarding the business from other partners;
  • Taking an action that puts the partnership at risk, such as filing for bankruptcy protection which can put partnership assets at risk depending on the partnership structure in place;
  • Acting in a manner that negatively affects the partnership or business reputation; or
  • Failing to take necessary action in line with what benefits the business.

You do not need to face a partnership dispute alone. Regardless of the action or inaction at the root of your conflict, a Wyoming partnership dispute lawyer can help you work through the challenges your partnership faces. 

Avenues to Resolving Your Partnership Dispute

Ragain & Clark is committed to helping you through your partnership challenges. There are many options you can explore to resolve your partnership dispute with the help of a Wyoming partnership dispute lawyer. For example, it may be possible to reach a new agreement to move forward in your partnership and put your dispute behind you with guidance from your attorney. After reviewing the facts of your case, your lawyer will explain your options to work towards a resolution. 

The first step in working through a dispute will be to examine any partnership agreements or contracts in effect and determine if there is a straightforward action to take. If there is no clear path forward, we can discuss other options. For example, you may seek to negotiate amendments to your current partnership that will allow all parties to move forward, or you may participate in mediation to work on solutions to your dispute. If negotiation and mediation fail, you may pursue arbitration or litigation. Arbitration and litigation are complex, and there are certain rules that must be followed in these processes. Ragain & Clark has 40 years of trial experience and can take your partnership dispute to trial if necessary. 

Dissolving a Partnership

The result of a partnership dispute may be to dissolve the partnership. Dissolving a partnership is a process, and you can certainly benefit from working with an experienced business attorney. If you find yourself in this scenario, it is crucial for you to have representation to work through the details of the dissolution to ensure the business partnership is severed with no remaining obligations between the parties. 

Partnerships may also dissolve due to external factors, such as when one partner decides to leave for personal reasons unrelated to the business. Dissolving the partnership in these scenarios may result in disputes as the details of dissolution are worked out, but you can be confident when you have Ragain & Clark on your side. Again, working with a Wyoming partnership dispute lawyer will help you move on after this partnership concludes.

Get Back to Business With a Wyoming Partnership Dispute Lawyer 

Do not let a partnership dispute further disrupt your business. Contact a Wyoming partnership dispute lawyer to resolve your concerns and get back to business. Call Ragain & Clark at 307-388-6400 or contact us online.  We serve clients throughout Wyoming and Montana.  


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