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$3.1 Million verdict:  Refractive eye surgery malpractice

$2M Wrongful death nursing home

$2M Failed business venture

$1.7M Fraudulent stock sale

$1.2M Negligent security guard

$1.1 Million settlement: Robotic surgery malpractice

$1M Motor vehicle wrongful death

$1M Medical malpractice

$1M Motor vehicle wrongful death

$750k Adoption agency negligence

$680k Motor vehicle collision

$650k Truck driver negligence

$650k Product liability seat belt

$600k Negligent landlord

$475,000 settlement: Fall from roof

$400k Negligent optometrist

$380k Medical malpractice

$380k Fraud in sale of business

$350k Product liability auto roof

$300k Horseback injury

$300k Product liability table saw

$300k Trucking accident

$175k Product liability firearm


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