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A Nursing Malpractice Lawyer from Our Firm Understands What's At Stake

Nurses are a crucial part of our healthcare system, providing care to patients from appointment intake to providing post-operative care. Nurses bring comfort to patients during routine care and during their time of medical uncertainty and suffering. Without their hard work and dedication, our healthcare system would suffer. However, nurses can still commit malpractice with serious consequences to patients. In any situation involving medical malpractice, patients should seek the assistance of an experienced nursing malpractice lawyer. Serving clients throughout Montana and Wyoming, a nursing malpractice lawyer from Ragain & Clark can help you pursue the remedies you deserve when you suffer from malpractice.

Negligence Causes Harm to Patients When They're Most Vulnerable 

Nurses are responsible for many aspects of patient care. Nurses owe patients a certain standard of care when providing medical treatment. Even seemingly minor tasks performed by nurses come with great responsibility. If they do not meet this standard and uphold the very serious responsibilities they have been entrusted with, patients can be harmed. There is no room for error, a lack of care, or blatant disregard for patient care.

The basics of nursing negligence include:

  • Establishing a nurse-patient relationship through medical services
  • Demonstrating that the nurse did not provide appropriate medical care to the patient
  • Proving that the patient was harmed by the nurse’s lack of care.

How Our Nursing Malpractice Attorneys Establish Liability 

Proving that a nurse did not act with the appropriate standard of care can be challenging, but it is a smoother process for patients when they have a nursing malpractice lawyer on their side. Reviewing patient files and combing through a clinic or hospital policies and procedures to prove your case can be draining and time-consuming for patients suffering from a nurse’s malpractice. Once negligence has been established, you will need to demonstrate how this harm has damaged you and what financial or legal recovery would be appropriate. This is when working with a nursing malpractice lawyer becomes imperative to your claim. You do not want to walk away from a remedy because you did not have someone fighting on your side.

You should be focused on your recovery, health, and well-being. Let a Montana nursing malpractice lawyer fight for you. Ragain & Clark has ample experience proving medical malpractice cases and securing compensation for clients harmed by nursing negligence.

Nursing Responsibilities and Malpractice 

Nurses have a responsibility to provide medical care to patients. When nurses are negligent, patients suffer. Unfortunately, there are many opportunities for negligence to occur in healthcare.

Examples of nursing malpractice include:

  • Failure to communicate. This could be a failure of the nurse to communicate with doctors regarding the patient’s status, resulting in incorrect treatment plans for the patient. This could also be a failure of the nurse to communicate appropriately with the patient to administer appropriate medical treatment.
  • Failure to appropriately examine and observe a patient. Nurses are often responsible for examining a patient and making observations on their condition and providing this information to doctors. If a nurse is not giving the patient examination the necessary attention or not observing the patient for additional signs and symptoms, the patient’s record and treatment plan will be incomplete. 
  • Failure to accurately notate patient records. Proper documentation of medical treatment is essential to patient care. If a nurse fails to document treatment provided, or notates a treatment not administered, there can be severe repercussions. Inaccurate medical reporting on a patient’s condition, vital signs, pain level, or medication can lead to improper medical treatment.
  • Failure to administer medication, treatment, or adhere to established protocols. Nurses need to be diligent in providing the appropriate treatment to patients as expected by a medical professional.
  • Administering incorrect medication or improper doses of medication to a patient. Medication errors can have serious consequences for patients.
  • Improper or incorrect use of medical equipment. During patient care, nurses need to know how to correctly use medical equipment on patients. All medical professionals need proper training on the use of medical equipment and need to adhere to the safety protocols for use.

If you have suffered from nursing malpractice, contacting a Wyoming nursing malpractice lawyer promptly is essential to getting your claim started. Ragain and Clark can negotiate settlements, seek resolution, or take your nursing malpractice case to trial. You do not need to suffer from nursing negligence alone.

Speak to a Nursing Malpractice Lawyer Today in Montana or Wyoming 

Nursing malpractice and negligence can cause significant harm to patients. Do not delay consulting with an experienced nursing malpractice lawyer on your case. Ragain and Clark can negotiate settlements, seek resolution, or take your nursing malpractice case to trial. You do not need to suffer from nursing negligence alone. You can schedule your consultation by contacting us online or calling 307-388-6400.  Get started today with offices in Montana and Wyoming.  


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