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Our Montana and Wyoming Business Dispute Lawyers Help Clients Resolve Their Conflicts

Operating a business comes with many opportunities but is not without challenges. Disputes often arise, whether internally or externally. Many documents, decisions, or directives can be open to interpretation if not carefully crafted, leading to discord. Fortunately, many of these disputes can be resolved with guidance from a business dispute lawyer

Business disputes may result in business litigation, but not always. At Ragain & Clark, we support our clients in pursuing solutions through various dispute resolution methods. We can guide you through settlement negotiations, mediation, or arbitration. By focusing on client needs, we can approach your conflict strategically and work together toward a successful resolution. 

Of course, if a resolution is not reached through other avenues, our experienced trial lawyers can take your case to trial. Ragain & Clark prioritizes clients' needs and partners with them throughout their struggles to realize positive outcomes and embrace future opportunities. 

Anticipating Business Disputes

Preparation is critical in business. Many businesses put plans in place to anticipate future hurdles and determine how to deal with them via operating agreements, contracts, policy documents, and standard operating procedures. These documents contain expectations for action but can also include consequences for deviation from the expected behavior in the business. 

A Montana or Wyoming business dispute lawyer can review these documents for you periodically and draft amendments as necessary to accommodate changing business needs. Keeping your agreements and documents current allows us to anticipate challenges in a changing business climate and pursue favorable outcomes when issues arise. Proactive planning can save lengthy litigation processes and additional expenses so that you can continue your business operations. Together we can build on a foundation for success

Working With a Business Dispute Lawyer While Growing Your Business 

While it is possible to anticipate future needs, remaining strategically flexible is another way your Montana business dispute lawyer can support your business needs. Over time and as your business grows, it may be necessary to change your business structure to protect your business assets better. Changing partnerships or choosing a different business structure can be contentious, and your lawyer can help you work through the challenges presented. 

In addition, an experience law firm can also advise on new opportunities and contracts, fostering productive and lucrative business relationships. Ragain & Clark is invested in clients’ business interests and success. When new relationships, investments, and revenue opportunities present potential growth, we have your back in analyzing risk and potential disputes. Your concerns become ours, and we celebrate your achievements with you.

Business disputes can arise for any reason but typically fall into broad categories.

Regardless of the type of dispute within a particular category, you need a Montana business dispute lawyer who can tactically address your concerns and aggressively represent your business needs. Ragain & Clark is here to support and guide you through your business disputes and to a bright future.

Ragain and Clark Helps Clients Reach Resolutions

When there is a contract dispute in a business, there are some common outcomes, depending on the issue at hand. A business dispute lawyer can help identify potential outcomes, measuring both the significance and repercussions of these options. Your approach to resolution will depend on factors such as the parties involved, whether they are internal or external parties, the nature of the contract, and how adversarial the dispute has become.

Possible outcomes that will impact future operations include:

  • Contract reformation allows for a contract to be rewritten to more clearly and accurately capture the intent of the agreement so it can be completed accurately and productively.  
  • Contract rescission effectively cancels the contract and puts the parties back in their position as if no agreement was made.
  • Specific performance compels the parties to do what the contract dictates.

Your attorney can talk you through the likely outcomes before an arbitrator or judge hands down a definitive decision. This may allow you and the other parties to reach a solution in which you each had input. These discussions may even preserve a business relationship and future opportunities in some instances.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered by a Montana and Wyoming Business Dispute Lawyer

When is the right time to contact a lawyer?

There is no right or wrong time to contact a lawyer. That said, the sooner you involve a Montana or Wyoming business dispute lawyer, the more likely you will be able to resolve the matter satisfactorily. This may mean settling the dispute with minimal cost or it may mean being well-prepared for litigation. You do not need to wait to contact a lawyer until either a lawsuit has been filed or the situation has deteriorated to the point of being irreconcilable. 

My business has been named in a lawsuit. What are my options? 

If you have been sued, you need to contact a Montana or Wyoming business dispute lawyer as soon as possible. Legal proceedings are extremely time-sensitive, and failing to respond could result in a default judgment being entered against you. Your lawyer can review the lawsuit, evaluate the claim that has been brought against your business, and file whatever responsive pleadings may be necessary. From there, your lawyer can discuss with you whether you should consider settlement or prepare the case for trial. 

Am I entitled to recover my attorney’s fees if I have to go to court? 

Whether you can seek recovery of your legal fees and court costs will depend on a variety of factors. If the lawsuit is based on a contract, there may be language that allows the prevailing party to recover their attorney’s fees. The important thing to recognize is that you may not be entitled to seek recovery of your legal fees, and even if you are, it may be subject to the discretion of the court. A Montana or Wyoming business dispute lawyer will be able to determine whether you can seek your attorney’s fees and your likelihood of success. 

How do I know when is the right time to settle? 

In the context of a business dispute, this is often a matter of weighing the potential costs of litigation versus the likely outcome. If the potential cost of litigation outweighs the amount in dispute, you may want to consider settling. 

That said, there are other intangible factors that should be considered. For example, you may need to protect the value of your business’s reputation or brand. On the other hand, you may want to avoid negative publicity. In some cases, there is a business relationship that you may want to consider protecting. 

If you are facing a business dispute, a Montana or Wyoming business dispute lawyer can give you a 360-degree assessment of all of the factors you should consider in deciding whether a settlement would be appropriate. 

How do I choose the right lawyer? 

Choosing the right lawyer is a very personal decision, even in the context of business disputes. We recommend that you work with a Montana or Wyoming business dispute lawyer who offers the following: 

  • They take the time to learn about your business
  • They understand your overall business goals and how they relate to your current dispute
  • They work with you to develop a litigation budget so that you can plan accordingly and make informed decisions about how to proceed
  • They are highly responsive and provide real-time updates to your case

Schedule a Consultation with a Business Dispute Lawyer at Our Montana or Wyoming Locations 

If you have a corporate conflict to resolve, you should contact a business dispute lawyer. Schedule your consultation with Ragain & Clark by contacting us online or calling 406-651-8888. We currently service clients throughout Montana and Wyoming.  


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