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Recover Your Losses with the Help of an Experienced Powell Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog attack can be a traumatic experience. While most dog owners trust their animals to behave, the reality is that even well-trained dogs can be highly unpredictable under the wrong set of circumstances. In Wyoming, the law entitles dog attack victims to recover just compensation in many cases, and, if you or your child has been bitten, you should speak with a Powell dog bite lawyer promptly.

What is the Law on Dog Bites in Wyoming?

The law on dog bites in Wyoming is somewhat more complicated than it is in other states. This is because, unlike most other states, Wyoming has not enacted a dog bite statute. As a result, dog bite claims are governed by common law, and there are various legal theories under which dog bite victims and families can seek just compensation:

1. Strict Liability for Dog Bites

In many cases, dog bite victims and families will be able to pursue claims based on strict liability. In Wyoming, dog owners can face strict liability (meaning that proof of negligence is not required) if they knew or should have known that their dog had a propensity to bite. While this is commonly known as the “one bite rule,” a dog does not need to have bitten previously for strict liability to attach. If a dog’s owner has any reason to be concerned for others’ safety based on the dog’s prior conduct, the law of strict liability may apply.

2. Negligent Care

Powell, WY dog owners can also be held liable on the grounds of negligence—and this is true regardless of the dog’s history. If a dog owner is negligent in creating a dangerous situation (for example, by allowing their dog to run free on a playground), then the owner can be held liable if the dog bites, mauls or otherwise injures an adult or child. While Wyoming’s strict liability law is important because it allows victims to recover compensation without proof of negligence in some cases, the state’s negligence law ensures that dog owners are not immune from liability for their careless and reckless mistakes.

3. Negligence Per Se for Legal Violations

A third potential ground for seeking financial compensation for a dog bite in Wyoming is the law of negligence per se. If a dog owner violates a state statute or local ordinance (for example, allowing their dog to run at large without a leash), this violation constitutes negligence per se—meaning that the violation is itself evidence of negligence. In cases of negligence per se, dog bite victims and families can seek full compensation regardless of the dog’s history and regardless of whether the dog’s owner was aware of the relevant law.

Speak with a Powell Dog Bite Lawyer in Confidence

If you or your child has been injured in a dog attack in Powell, we encourage you to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a Powell dog bite lawyer. To discuss your case in confidence as soon as possible, call 307-388-6400 or tell us how to reach you online today.


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