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Thermopolis Injury Law Firm Helping Accident Victims in Wyoming

If you are injured because of the negligence of another party, Wyoming law allows you to hold the negligent party financially responsible for the personal injuries they caused you to sustain. At Ragain & Clark, our Thermopolis personal injury attorney team is trained to help clients with their personal injury claims to help them recover the compensation they are entitled to for the injuries they sustained after an accident. We offer a free initial consultation for our clients so we can explain the legal care that our firm can provide for your personal injury claim. 

Injury and Accident Claims Our Attorneys Handle 

A Thermopolis personal injury lawyer at our firm can assist clients with a variety of different types of personal injury cases. For example, if a family member has died as a result of the negligence or intentional act of another person, you could hold the party liable for what is known as wrongful death. In addition, sometimes our clients are injured because of a dangerous product that was put out into the market. In these situations, sometimes we file a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the defective product.

Below is a list of other common personal injury cases we assist clients with:

Types of Evidence a Thermopolis Personal Injury Attorney Will Gather

Our attorneys are trained and equipped to assist clients with their personal injury claims employing the necessary means to help them obtain the compensation they deserve. Sometimes this includes negotiations outside of the courtroom. However, other times this requires the filing of a formal lawsuit, which our trained trial team is prepared to do. 

Some types of evidence that a Thermopolis personal injury lawyer will work with you to obtain to help build your case include, but are not limited to: 

  • Medical records that include important information such as a diagnosis of your injuries, pre-existing medical conditions, recommended treatment, medications, and expected recovery time, among other items.
  • Police report that documents some details of the accident such as the date and location of the incident, parties involved, and damages and injuries sustained.
  • Witness statements can help corroborate your story of what happened. Sometimes bystanders or other parties to the accident are available to help paint the picture of the accident that occurred.
  • Photos and videos are sometimes available that show the damage that occurred, or in some situations even document the accident itself. These can be particularly helpful in the courtroom to show what happened. 

Types of PI Damages Explained by a Thermopolis Injury Lawyer

A Thermopolis personal injury lawyer at Ragain & Clark, PC will evaluate your claim for two main types of damages (1) economic and (2) non-economic. Economic damages are hard costs that resulted from an accident like medical bills, or lost wages. Non-economic damages are more abstract and refer to compensation for costs that don’t have an obvious dollar figure. Examples of non-economic damages include compensation for the physical and emotional pain and suffering that an accident caused you and your family. Should the accident have been fatal, we also have Thermopolis wrongful death lawyers who can manage your claim. 

Contact a Thermopolis Personal Injury Attorney Today

At Ragain & Clark, PC, our attorneys have been handling car accident cases for over 40 years. We are aggressive and battle-tested. Have you suffered a personal injury because of a negligent party in Thermopolis, Wyoming? If so, call 307-388-6400 or send us a message online to schedule an initial consultation with a Thermopolis personal injury attorney or wrongful death lawyer. We have an office conveniently located in Worland for our Thermopolis clients to meet with us in person when necessary. Our legal team is experienced with Wyoming personal injury law and can help advocate for your rights. We look forward to helping you obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries.


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