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Personal Injury

Speak to a Billings Personal Injury Attorney, Not to an Insurance Company Representative

September 30, 2019

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in an automobile accident, you may be anxious to get the matter behind you, get some closure and move forward with pressing personal matters. That said, you may have a desire to negotiate a quick settlement with the company that insures the other driver whom you suspect was at fault in causing the accident. You may even have received a call from the insurer’s representative. The representative may have questions about the accident, the damage your vehicle sustained and the injuries that you or others may have experienced as a result of the crash. Instead of pressing ahead, you might want to take a few breaths and instead of talking to the insurance representative, contact a skilled Billings personal injury attorney instead.

The Hazards of Speaking with the Insurance Representative

There are hazards in talking to a seasoned representative of the opposing party’s insurance company. Here are some pointers to help with your consideration of what you should do:

  1. Remember that while you should generally fully cooperate with your own insurer–your policy requires that you do so–you are under no obligation to speak with an adjuster or other representative employed by the other driver’s insurer.
  2. The goal of the other driver’s insurance representative is to settle the claim with as little outlay of cash to you as possible. Remember that he or she is not on your side.
  3. Anything you say can be used to minimize or even refuse to pay your damages. Too many accident victims, when asked how they are doing after a wreck, say to the opposing adjuster, “I’m doing fine.” Not all injuries are quickly apparent. Such a statement can harm you later.
  4. Don’t speculate about how the accident occurred. Accidents typically take just a second or two to transpire.  If you aren’t sure how it happened, don’t guess.
  5. If you must speak with the opposing driver’s representative, give short, concise, accurate, but objective details about the accident. Don’t volunteer information to the other side.

It’s Always Better to Have Your Attorney Speak for You

In almost every situation, it is much better to have an experienced Billings personal injury attorney speak for you instead. Unlike the statements you give to opposing insurance representatives or legal counsel, statements provided by an attorney representing your interests cannot be used against you. A skilled attorney knows what matters must be disclosed and what matters need not be freely given up.

A personal injury attorney can prevent you from making serious mistakes, such as giving unnecessary and dangerous recorded statements or providing speculative personal opinions as to the level or extent of your personal injuries. In the days and weeks following an auto accident — particularly a serious one — it helps to have a clear head managing the details of your claim. As an injured party, you may be too close to the trauma to make informed and enlightened decisions. Get the help of a professional.

Get Experienced, Caring Legal Counsel From our Billings Personal Injury Attorney

Don’t feel pressured to speak with an opposing insurance representative whose interests are not aligned with your own. Gain the peace of mind that comes when your claim and your interests are being handled by an attorney who has years of experience dealing with opposing and sometimes hostile insurance companies and their representatives. The sooner you turn matters over to a qualified, caring attorney such as the Billings personal injury attorneys at Ragain & Clark, PC, the better off you’ll feel, because you will be on the road to recovery.


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