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Medical Malpractice

Medication Errors May Constitute Medical Malpractice

March 24, 2021

We trust our medical professionals with our health and even our lives. Thankfully, most of us have access to doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations that can quickly diagnose our illnesses and conditions and get us on the road to recovery. In many instances, this means prescribing us the appropriate medication. Unfortunately, mistakes can still happen even with this seemingly simple step, and in some cases, these mistakes are the result of medical malpractice. If you have suffered as the result of a medication error, a Worland medical malpractice attorney can help you pursue a claim for fair compensation.  

Types of Medication Errors

There are many different ways that medication errors can occur. The following are some of the most common medication errors: 

  • Prescribing or administering the wrong medication to a patient
  • Prescribing or administering the wrong dosage
  • Prescribing a medication that reacts negatively to medications the patient is already taking
  • Prescribing a medication that the patient is allergic to
  • Failing to warn of common side effects
  • Mislabeling the medication

Some of these errors can result in serious additional illnesses and even death. Unfortunately, proving the extent of your illness caused by a medication error can be very difficult. For this reason, we recommend that you speak with a Worland medical malpractice attorney if you have suffered from a medication error. 

Who Might Be Liable?

Some of these errors may be made by the doctor writing the prescription, while others may be the result of the pharmacy administering the medication. If the medication was provided to you while at the hospital, the hospital may be liable as well. 

Determining who may be at fault can be difficult. It may not be obvious, for example, that the doctor may have prescribed the correct medication while the pharmacy provided the wrong dose. There may be multiple parties at fault, and almost anyone involved in the process may have been responsible for the mistake. 

In some cases, the pharmaceutical company that developed the medication may be liable for the error. They may have failed to disclose known side effects or failed to provide sufficient warning. Alternatively, there may be impurities or other issues with the medication due to manufacturing errors. An experienced Worland medical malpractice attorney will be able to review the facts in your case and determine who may be at fault. 

Was the Mistake Medical Malpractice?

Not every mistake rises to the level of medical malpractice. In a medication error case, you will need to prove that the doctor, hospital, or pharmacy failed to meet the standard of care. This requires knowledge of the law applicable to your case and a careful analysis of the facts. Examples of medical malpractice that can lead to a medication error are as follows: 

  • The doctor failed to thoroughly review the patient’s medical records before prescribing the medication
  • The doctor did not explain the potential side effects
  • The doctor misdiagnosed your illness and therefore prescribed the wrong medication
  • The pharmacy did not have adequate policies and procedures to guard against mistakes

Contact a Worland Medical Malpractice Attorney at Ragain & Clark

A medication error can do long-term and even permanent harm. The most important thing is to speak with someone who can help. Worland medical malpractice attorney David Clark knows how to get you the compensation you deserve. To schedule a free consultation, contact us today at 307-388-6400 to discuss your case and how we can help.


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