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Medical Malpractice

Can Nurses Commit Medical Malpractice?

January 31, 2022

When we discuss medical malpractice, we typically focus on when doctors make mistakes that cause additional health problems. However, medical malpractice can occur at the hands of any medical professional, including nurses. If you believe that you have suffered harm due to a nurse’s lack of knowledge, attention, or experience, the best thing you can do is contact a Montana nursing malpractice lawyer to discuss your case and whether you have a claim. 

Common Sources of Medical Malpractice Caused by Nurses

Just like doctors, nurses are expected to follow the appropriate standard of care. This means that nurses are expected to provide medical care with the same level of care and skill that other nurses would provide in the same or similar circumstances. For nurses, the most common failures related to the standard of care are as follows: 

  • Improper or inadequate documentation. Documentation is one of the most important responsibilities that nurses have. They are required to document any procedures, medications, vital signs, and your condition throughout the day. Doctors rely on this documentation to make decisions about your care. Failure to do so can lead to numerous problems such as misdiagnosis, incorrect medications, and ineffective treatment plans. 
  • Improper use of medical equipment. Nurses are required to have the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary to use the medical equipment required for their treatment. Any harm that you suffer as a result of improper use of any medical devices or equipment can give rise to a medical malpractice claim. 
  • Failure to monitor. Nurses are required to continuously monitor your vital signs while you are at the hospital or any medical facility. Failure to do so can prevent the doctor or others from taking timely action in the event of a medical emergency or lead to other problems. 
  • Failing to take action. When a patient is in distress, a nurse’s failure to take action or alert other medical professionals can lead to serious harm and even death
  • Administration of medication. Another common source of nursing medical malpractice includes administering the wrong medication or the incorrect dosage. 

If you believe that any of these situations may apply to your case, a Montana nursing malpractice lawyer can discuss your case with you and determine whether you are a victim of medical malpractice. 

How a Montana Nursing Malpractice Lawyer Can Help

Medical malpractice cases are extraordinarily complex, including those involving nurses. A Montana nursing malpractice lawyer can help in the following ways: 

  • They can evaluate whether the nurse failed to meet the standard of care. 
  • They can review and investigate the facts in order to determine exactly what happened. 
  • They can gather the evidence you need to prove your claim, including obtaining expert testimony where needed. 

It’s also important to note that there is a specific process for pursuing medical malpractice claims in Montana. An experienced malpractice attorney can help you navigate the process so that you can get fair compensation for your claim. 

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